Shoes with Money Inside

“The groom buys the bride’s shoes and sends the gift with money inside the shoes to the bride’s house on their wedding day.”


Bridal Shoes with Money

Did your husband send the gift over to you
or did he give you the bridal shoes in person?

Waiting for the bride…

Greek Tradition of Groom Waiting for the Bride

In This Picture:

This Greek Groom is waiting to greet his bride at the front of the church…

In the US and Australia, Greek couples tend to follow the ‘American tradition’ or the ‘Australian tradition’ of waiting for the bride at the altar. The groom and the ushers all line up at the front of the Church and wait for the bridesmaids and then the bride to walk down the aisle with her father (or parents). This is different to the ‘Greek’ way but i don’t know why or when it changed.


Do all grooms in Greece wait for their bride at the front of the church?

Greek Australian Day

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Remembering the Greek Revolution, that liberated Greece from 400 years of Ottoman Rule in 1821.
Greek Australians March from Martin Place to the Domain.

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