There are many Greek traditions, customs and holidays that are celebrated and practiced not only in Greek and Cyprus but also followed by Greeks abroad such as Greek Americans, Greek Canadians, Greek Australians, and Greeks that live all over the world.

The church is typically the center of the Greek community and most of the holidays, customs and traditions are celebrated within the Greek Orthodox church. There are also various customs and traditions depending on what part of Greece or Cyprus your family is from. I have found that for some Greek Americans it is “bad luck” to throw a baby shower for expectant parents before the baby is born and instead a “Welcome to the World” type celebration is held instead.

Food tends to be the center of all Greek celebrations. Non-Greek friends are always amazed at how much food is served at every Greek function. The comments always flow on Facebook after we post pictures of both Greek holiday celebrations such as a Nameday or Greek Easter or something more common like Thanksgiving, our American friends are amazed at the amount of food and the variety of food that is served. Pastitsio, Greek salad, tyropita and spanakopita are always staples at all our Greek American celebrations. You can always count on Greek cookies or Greek pastries to be served as well.

Greek music always seems to be playing and every major event like a Greek wedding or Greek baptism will always have Greek dancing! Opa!

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