Greek Wedding Lambades


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Our Wedding Candles Lambades are incredibly detailed made and meticulously decorated by the founder of Portara Gallery. Beauty, elegance and unique charm accompany all these candles. Only the finest materials and accessories are used. Everything is made with one thing in mind: to enhance, compliment, impress and carry lasting memories for you!

A Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony requires 4 candles:
2 large ones placed on the altar table and 2 small ones for the bride and the groom that are given to them to hold by the Priest towards the end of the Wedding ceremony. The candles can be plain or very ornate, and indicate that Christ, the Light of the World, will light the way of their new life together.The Priest will lead the couple around the wedding table or altar table three times. He holds the Bible in his hand, reminds the Bride and Groom that the Word of God should lead them through life. The circle represents eternal marriage, for a circle has neither a beginning or and end.

A commitment to quality guides us to great achievements and enthusiasm is the driving force behind our new, innovative and unique ideas. We attempt to make every candle able to create a lasting impression in your mind and the minds of your family, friends and guests. We can usually accommodate requests for special colors or modifications.

Custom colors are our specialty! We can accommodate requests for different colors and modifications. We can create any candle the way you want it!


Greek Easter Lambades

Greek Easter Lambathes

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Wedding Candles

Greek Wedding Candles


In this picture:

“The traditional lambades (or lambathes) adorn each side of the table with the crown tray. The wedding candles are symbolic of the couples’ belief that Jesus is ”the light of the world and whoever believes in him shall never walk in darkness but have eternal life”.

Notice the beautiful beautiful flowers on these lambades…

What have you seen put on lambades to personalize or decorate them?